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  1. 2009-06-17Thin Provisioning: The Secret to Achieving Operational Efficiency in the Data Center, Free Pillar Data Systems White Paper
  2. 2009-06-17Best Practices - Accounts Payable Automation, Free Concur Technologies Survey Report
  3. 2009-06-17The Shortcut Guide to Understanding Data Protection from Four Critical Perspectives, Free CREDANT Technologies White Paper
  4. 2009-06-17A Buyer's Guide for On-Demand Financials, Free Intacct Corporation White Paper
  5. 2009-06-17Improving Accountability in Government, Free Information Builders Inc. On-Demand Webinar
  6. 2009-06-17Taking Warehouse Management Systems to the Next Level: 5 Key Questions to Answer Before You Act, Free Infor White Paper
  7. 2009-06-17Increasing ROI with On-Demand Financials, Free Intacct Corporation White Paper
  8. 2009-06-17Achieving Compliant Manufacturing Excellence through Real-time Performance Management and Continuous Improvement, Free SAP White Paper
  9. 2009-06-17Business Intelligence: The Definitive Guide for Midsize Organizations, Free SAP Guide
  10. 2009-06-17Supply & Demand Chain Executive, Free Supply & Demand Chain Executive Magazine Subscription Subscription
  11. 2009-06-17The Hidden Dangers of Spam: How SMBs can confront security risks and restore productivity, Free Astaro Corporation White Paper
  12. 2009-06-17The Next Generation of Web Security, Free Webroot Software, Inc White Paper
  13. 2009-06-17ERP Buyer's Guide, Free Tippit, Inc. Buyer's Guide
  14. 2009-06-17Inside-ERP Finance Accounting Solutions Buyer's Guide, Free Tippit, Inc. Buyer's Guide
  15. 2009-06-17Releasing Resources to Support Growth - The Long-Term Benefits of Finance Transformation, Free Concur Technologies Analyst Report
  16. 2009-06-17Eliminating Paperwork and Manual Data Entry is More than Just Efficient, Free Intermec Technologies Corporation White Paper
  17. 2009-06-17Software as a Service Dramatically Improves CRM Success, Free Oracle Corporation Research Study
  18. 2009-06-17Surviving and Thriving in the Customer-Driven Age, Free Oracle Corporation White Paper
  19. 2009-06-17VoIP Call Center Buyer's Guide, Free Tippit, Inc. Buyer's Guide
  20. 2009-06-17In Transit Visibility: It’s all about Mobility, Visibility and Control, Free Intermec Technologies Corporation White Paper
  21. 2009-06-173 Steps for Getting Started Using Salesforce CRM - Free Webinar, Free On-Demand Webinar
  22. 2009-06-17What is Your Recession Sales Strategy?, Free Oracle Corporation White Paper
  23. 2009-06-17Data Quality: A Survival Guide for Marketing, Free SAP Guide
  24. 2009-06-17ERP and PLM; Defining Their Roles and Creating a Collaborative Environment for Success, Free Omnify Software White Paper
  25. 2009-06-17Facilitating Rapid Analysis and Decision Making in the Analytical Lab, Free Accelrys Software White Paper
  26. 2009-06-17Choosing the Best CRM for Your Organization, Free Oracle Corporation White Paper
  27. 2009-06-17Nature Biotechnology, Free Nature Biotechnology Magazine Subscription Subscription
  28. 2009-06-17The Common Resource Gap Facing Midsize Companies and the Time-Tested Alliance that Can Save Them, Free Oracle Corporation White Paper
  29. 2009-06-17Why BI Is Ripe - NOW! - For Businesses of Any Size: Exploring the Vast Potential of BI and EPM, Free Oracle Corporation White Paper
  30. 2009-06-17Enabling Profitable Growth through Procurement: Transforming the Sourcing and Procurement Organization, Free SAP Special Report
  31. 2009-06-17IT Tipping Point for Mid-sized Companies: Deciding When to Move to Tier 1 ERP, Free Oracle Corporation White Paper
  32. 2009-06-17Simplifying the Management of Tier 1 ERP Systems for Mid-Sized Companies, Free Oracle Corporation White Paper
  33. 2009-06-17Rapid Implementation- The New Age of ERP, Free Oracle Corporation White Paper
  34. 2009-06-17Why Business Managers Should Care About Service-Oriented Architecture, Free Information Builders Inc. White Paper
  35. 2009-06-17Running and Optimizing IT: A Best Practice Approach, Free SAP White Paper
  36. 2009-06-17Travel and Procurement: The Convergence, Free Concur Technologies Analyst Report
  37. 2009-06-17Avoiding the Compliance Trap for Travel and Expenses, Free Concur Technologies Survey Report
  38. 2009-06-17T&E Expense Management: Leveraging Data to Drive Performance, Free Concur Technologies White Paper
  39. 2009-06-17Information Strategies for Manufacturing, Free Information Builders Inc. On-Demand Webinar
  40. 2009-06-17Best Practices for Operational Business Intelligence, Free Information Builders Inc. On-Demand Webinar
  41. 2009-06-17Office IP Phone Hardware Features Checklist, Free Tippit, Inc. Checklist
  42. 2009-06-17On-Premise CRM Comparison Guide, Free Tippit, Inc. Comparison Guide
  43. 2009-06-17Dashboards - Your Business at a Glance, Free Information Builders Inc. On-Demand Webinar
  44. 2009-06-17IBM Integrated Data Management Tools for DBAs, Free IBM Corporation On-Demand Webcast
  45. 2009-06-17Warehouse Management Today: Balancing Financial Pressures and Growing Demand, Free SAP White Paper
  46. 2009-06-17The Alignment-Focused Organization: Bridging the Gap Between Strategy and Execution, Free SAP White Paper
  47. 2009-06-17Closing the Data Privacy Gap for SAP Applications, Free IBM Corporation White Paper
  48. 2009-06-17Business Intelligence for Decision Makers: Actionable Insights for Business Decision Makers, Free SAP White Paper
  49. 2009-06-17Reaping the Benefits of Next Generation Dashboards, Free SAP White Paper
  50. 2009-06-17Personalized Demo for Your Role in Sales, Free Demo
  51. 2009-06-17Managing IT in a Downturn: Beyond Cost Cutting, Free SAP White Paper
  52. 2009-06-17Protecting and Nurturing Your Brand, Free SAP White Paper
  53. 2009-06-17CIO Digest, Free CIO Digest Publication Subscription
  54. 2009-06-17Midmarket ERP Solutions Checklist, Free Tippit, Inc. Checklist
  55. 2009-06-17BusinessWeek, Free BusinessWeek Magazine Subscription
  56. 2009-06-17CabinetMaker, Free CabinetMaker Digital Subscription Subscription
  57. 2009-06-17InTech, Free InTech Magazine Subscription
  58. 2009-06-17Imaging Adds Visibility to Transportation, Free Intermec Technologies Corporation White Paper
  59. 2009-06-17Increasing Uptime Brings Rewards Beyond Profitability, Free Intermec Technologies Corporation White Paper
  60. 2009-06-17Advanced Imaging, Free Advanced Imaging Magazine Subscription Subscription
  61. 2009-06-17Off-Highway Engineering, Free Off-Highway Engineering Publication Subscription
  62. 2009-06-17Get the Facts on How AIX and System I /Unix Platform Users Solve Downtime Challenges to Manufacturing and Supply Chain Operations, Free Vision Solutions, Inc White Paper
  63. 2009-06-17Chief Learning Officer, Free Chief Learning Officer Publication Subscription
  64. 2009-06-17EP&T - Electronic Products and Technology, Free EP&T - Electronic Products and Technology Magazine Subscription
  65. 2009-06-17Comply With XBRL: Automate Compliance With U.S. and European Financial-Reporting Standards, Free Information Builders Inc. White Paper
  66. 2009-06-17Best's Review, Free Best's Review Magazine Subscription
  67. 2009-06-17Alternative Business VoIP Systems – Hosted vs. IP PBX, Free Tippit, Inc. White Paper - Removed
  68. 2009-06-17Midmarket ERP Solutions Buyer's Guide, Free Tippit, Inc. Buyer's Guide
  69. 2009-06-17Case Study: Parade Magazine - System i .NET Extension, Free Blue Phoenix Case Study
  70. 2009-06-17World Oil, Free World Oil Magazine Subscription
  71. 2009-06-17Pollution Equipment News, Free Pollution Equipment News Magazine Subscription
  72. 2009-06-17The System i Challenge, Free Blue Phoenix White Paper
  73. Newsletter, Free Newsletter Subscription
  74. 2009-06-17Cabling Installation & Maintenance, Free Cabling Installation & Maintenance Subscription Subscription
  75. 2009-06-17HR Daily Advisor, Free HR Daily Advisor newsletter Subscription
  76. 2009-06-17The Scientist, Free The Scientist Magazine Subscription Subscription
  77. 2009-06-17InformationWeek, Free InformationWeek Publication Subscription
  78. 2009-06-17Offshore Engineer, Free Offshore Engineer Magazine Subscription
  79. 2009-06-17Pharmaceutical Executive, Free Pharmaceutical Executive Magazine Subscription
  80. 2009-06-17Injection Molding, Free Injection Molding Magazine Subscription Subscription
  81. 2009-06-17Live Sound International, Free Live Sound International Magazine Subscription
  82. 2009-06-17Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News, Free Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News Magazine Subscription
  83. 2009-06-17Metal Finishing, Free Metal Finishing Publication Subscription
  84. 2009-06-17Oilfield Technology Magazine, Free Oilfield Technology Magazine Magazine Subscription Subscription
  85. 2009-06-17LC*GC North America, Free LC*GC North America Magazine Subscription
  86. 2009-06-17Industrial Market Trends, Free Industrial Market Trends eNewsletter Subscription
  87. 2009-06-17Supply Chain Digest, Free Supply Chain Digest eNewsletter Subscription
  88. 2009-06-17Reinforced Plastics, Free Reinforced Plastics Digital Subscription Subscription
  89. 2009-06-17Landscape Management, Free Landscape Management Magazine Subscription
  90. 2009-06-17Avionics Intelligence, Free Avionics Intelligence eNewsletter Subscription
  91. 2009-06-17International Railway Journal, Free International Railway Journal Magazine Subscription Subscription
  92. 2009-06-17Marine Log, Free Marine Log Magazine Subscription Subscription
  93. 2009-06-17Low Fare & Regional Airlines, Free Low Fare & Regional Airlines Magazine Subscription
  94. 2009-06-17Design-2-Part Magazine, Free Design-2-Part Magazine Subscription
  95. 2009-06-17Biotechnology Healthcare, Free Biotechnology Healthcare Digital Subscription Subscription
  96. 2009-06-17License Global, Free License Global Magazine Subscription
  97. 2009-06-17Photonics Spectra, Free Photonics Spectra Magazine Subscription
  98. 2009-06-17RadioResource International, Free RadioResource International Publication Subscription
  99. 2009-06-17Business & Commercial Aviation, Free Business & Commercial Aviation Magazine Subscription
  100. 2009-06-17Water Technology®, Free Water Technology® Subscription Subscription
  101. 2009-06-17Pipeline & Gas Journal, Free Pipeline & Gas Journal Magazine Subscription


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